We Share This Journey

We Share This Journey is a large book that subtly explores death as a vital part of the journey of life. Mortality is used as a parameter to help Generation Y discern what is truly important while living. I have gathered a set of stories and images that focus on a range of individual's within Generation Y. These individuals have been asked to consider their own mortality when displaying and explaining the six physical items that hold the most value to them. These items become not only a form of personalised memorial - through their ability to transcend time and space the body cannot - but they also give us data about the value's of those they belong to. When collated and analysed the threads of these stories became meta-narratives about the shared values of a generation. We share this Journey paints picture of the essence of Generation Y, who we are, what's important to us, how we reflect on ourselves, our belongings and what our time here on earth might actually mean.

The poster above accompanied the book in exibition, it is intended to give the viewer a preview of the books contents, the suitcase images evoke a voyeristic curiosity enticing the reader to find out more. 
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