Turning Earth is a hypothetical interactive program created for a university assignment. It encourages New Zealanders to gain interest and proficiency in growing our countries native plants. Ideally the knowledge and enjoyment gained in the more competitive realm of virtual planting would transfer to the physical realm with support of other media such as the community forums on the 'Turning Earth' website.
The brochure below is intended to be distributed via mail drop, it contains a packet of native New Zealand seeds to get the recipient started, a concise amount of information and a link to the 'Turning Earth' website.
Screen shots of the website are visible below
Home Page.
When the user clicks 'community board' from the home page this page appears, they can then select the suburb in which they live which will load a community board specific to that suburb.
example of a suburb specific community board.
This page appears when the user clicks the 'wanna know more?' button.
Below are screen shot examples of how 'Turning Earth' (the game) looks and works.
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